Saturday, 9 January 2016

Living and loving a lot in fantastic 2015!

I have not made the time to write for a while now and this is not good! So let me fix that. Today, the idea struck me to take a look back over 2015, now that the New Year is here. As I am a bit camera happy, I have a great collection of photos from all through the year that have made it really easy to see just what I have been up to with my family and friends. And what a sensational year it was! Join me now as we walk back through 2015, month by month, as I create another entry in my 'living journal', my beloved blog, recording the living and loving that I adore.
January was hot, like it is every year. It is Summer, my favourite time of year for many reasons. My garden grows the best, I can enjoy the outdoor life that I love, everything comes alive and is vibrant. My children are all ready to hit the beach, posing in my garden that is flourishing in the warmth. My kids spend a lot of time with me outside in this glorious climate and love the beach and the pool in Summer.
Last January was my first experience of a Summer veggie garden. I had many, many tomatoes and here you can see some of them. I am outside, working in the garden a lot in Summer and here is the perfect example of why. I love the way my plants grow and thrive, I love to feel the warmth of the sun, it makes me feel alive and gives me energy.
February was an exciting month. I had my fourth Art Exhibition at a local cafe. I enjoyed looking back over my work that I have collected over many years and displaying it for the world to see.
The only problem was that I exhibited work from my own private collection and this was a mistake. Of course each piece was for sale and this was a bit painful. Looking back, I should have taken the time to paint all new pieces for display and sale, that I could easily part with. I will do that next time. Anyway, it was lots of fun, gave me a big thrill and I received lots of positive feedback on my work and encouragement to keep painting. This felt good.
On Opening Night, I invited my family and friends to join me for a little celebration. We packed the place that night, it was a full house. Later on, some good friends joined me for a meal, it was a great night and a wonderful experience.
In March, my husband and I travelled to Phuket in Thailand for the second time. We love it there, we love almost everything about the place. We always have an amazing holiday when we travel to Thailand and have created some wonderful memories.
It was my husband's birthday the day after we arrived, so we went out to celebrate at one of our favourite venues in Phuket. A fantastic night, in fact, the whole 10 days we were there was brilliant. We can't wait to go back again. Next time, we are planning on taking our kids with us for a real family holiday. They will love it too, we are sure.
Not long after we got back from Thailand in April, it was Easter and we drove interstate to Adelaide to stay with a close friend and her kids. We had beautiful weather and again, lots of fun.
This friend of mine is very dear to me and we really know how to enjoy ourselves when we are together. It was sad when she moved far away but we are still in touch and very good friends.
It is now May and Autumn is most certainly here. I enjoy watching the leaves on the trees change colours and fall. It is starting to get cold as Winter approaches.
In May, it is also Mother's Day in Australia. I always celebrate the day with my mum. We usually get together, have lunch and a laugh.
In June, we start our kids' birthday celebrations. For Adam's birthday, he had a ride in his all time favourite car, a Lamborghini. This gave him a big thrill and he couldn't stop smiling all day.
I made Adam's birthday cake, just the way he wanted it and he was a very happy boy.
July saw our daughter turn 5. She is growing up fast and will start school this year. Julia makes us proud with her bright and bubbly personality.
She had a birthday party with her good friends. They are all as cute as each other and have a lot of fun together.
We also had a party of our own for fun in July. It was a fondue night and the theme was 1970's. Any excuse for me to dress up is a good one and I had a great time with my friends.
I decorated the place and put on a good meal. There was plenty of everything and Winter is the perfect time to enjoy fondue.
A great night was had by all and I love getting people together to let their hair down a bit.
In August, we celebrate our second son's birthday. Here I am with my adorable Marc, the cheeky one. Last year, we celebrated at home with a family dinner.
That night, we celebrated in fine style with an Italian banquet of fresh, home made fettuccine with a trio of sauces, veal schnitzels, garlic bread and a green salad. I also made Marc a Tiramisu cake and he loved it all.
In September, it is my birthday. I had a wonderful time with my husband who spoiled me rotten with champagne and dinner at one of our favourite restaurants. You can see how happy I am on this day.
The following weekend, the family and I stayed at a place called Anglesea which is a coastal town along The Great Ocean Road. It was nice to get away with the kids and enjoy the beach.
It was very cold, but that didn't matter. I love the beach all year round and we spent hours walking along it. This was a really good family weekend getaway and we all had fun.
In October, my brother came to visit us. He also lives interstate. We don't get to see each other very often but make sure that we keep in touch throughout the year. We always enjoy each other's company and he really likes to spend time with my kids.
The following weekend, we flew to Tasmania to visit my brother-in-law. He has just moved there so we wanted to go and see the place that we had heard so much about. He works at sea so is only at home for a few months at a time.
He showed us around Hobart while were there and it was so good to see him again.
It is November now and things are starting to warm up. I am back out in my garden, dancing like no one is watching.
I am loving the fact that I can get back into short sleeved tops and thongs again. My garden is starting to get that Summer feel about it and I couldn't be happier.
December was a very busy month with my eldest son graduating from Primary School. Here he is looking very smooth, standing next to a friend's Mustang. He was so thrilled to make his grand appearance at his Graduation in this car.
And then it was Christmas again! I went to town, with a fresh Christmas tree, lights and all the trimmings. I love Christmas time with my family.
I cooked a traditional Christmas lunch and it was a beautiful day.
Well, if we hadn't already done enough this year, we certainly finished it off with a bang and went camping at Bendigo. We have a great set up and thoroughly enjoy the great out doors.
I love to cook outside in the open air and here is my effort for breakfast each morning, bacon and eggs.
It was hot while we were there and we all had a ball.
Wow! See what I mean? What a fantastic year! We had plenty of travelling and family celebrations, great experiences and good times. We saw family and friends that we don't get to see very often......and most importantly, we had a lot of loving. So when I decided to start this blog just over 3 years a go and had to give it a name, I couldn't have picked a better title than 'Live a Little, Love a Lot'.......because that is exactly what I do! Happy New Year, my dear readers, I look forward to sharing many more good times and laughs with you this year :) xxx