Friday, 31 May 2013

One day very soon........

...........I'll be fighting fit again. I've had a little bit of bad luck lately.  Just getting over my operation and I pick up a cold virus!  What a nuisance.  All this means is that I feel like a toxic waste dump with all of the pain killers and cold relief tablets.  But that's all OK, because one day very soon I'll be back to normal and I'm counting down the days for that.  I was just sitting enjoying a coffee and I got the inspiration for this blog which is all about the great things that I am looking forward to doing very soon!

One day very soon I'm going to put my walking shoes on and walk.......I mean really walk, just like I used to.  I'll set off down my street and head for a creek that is near my place and walk along the track beside it.  I'll look at all of the nature and wildlife and take it all in.  It will make me feel good to get moving again, stretch my legs, breath the fresh air and take the time to relax and unwind while I am walking.  Think I'll go on my own and truly appreciate the peace and quiet and feelings of satisfaction I get from walking.

One day very soon I'm going to have some friends over for dinner and we'll have a funky fondue party.  I always love to have friends over to my place and any excuse to cook is a good one.  I have another friend that I have promised dinner to at my place and I'm going to make her something really special.  These are two of my favourite things, having friends come to visit and cooking.  Good, clean, honest fun and I really enjoy it.  I love setting the table, planning the menu and shopping for the ingredients. Makes me feel good.

One day very soon I'm going to have a party, a big, loud, raunchy party and I'm going to dance the night away.  I'm going to invite my party loving friends over and we'll eat, drink and be merry.  I'll make the effort to ensure that we have plenty of good music playing loud all night and somewhere with plenty of room to dance. It feels like forever since I have had my usual mobility in my body and it won't be long now before I'll be back to my usual form and loving it.

One day very soon I'm going to go to my mum's house and ask her to cook me lunch.  I'm going to ask her to cook a 3 course meal because she won't mind.  We'll have garlic prawns for entree, a very naughty chicken and mushroom fettuccine drenched in cream and Parmesan cheese, and then we'll have Creme Brulee for desert.  I haven't been eating like I usually do as I've lost my appetite with the virus.  But I am now dreaming of these ultimate comfort foods of mine that my mum makes so well.

One day very soon I'm going to set up my paints and canvas and finish the painting that I started earlier in the year.  I have some good ideas about how I want it to evolve, I've just got to get off my backside and get it done!  Painting is a fantastic release for me, as is writing, and I don't do enough painting.  Once I have everything set up, it won't take me long to finish it off.  It's called 'Dancing Daisies' so this might give you a vague idea about what it will look like.

One day very soon I'll be back to normal and will be able to catch up on all of the things that I have missed.  I'll look and feel like myself again and will take so much pleasure in doing some things that will make me happy.  But you know it's not all bad, because I have tomorrow and I know that my 'one day very soon' will eventually come.  I'll just knuckle down and roll with the punches and be thankful for all of the beauty in my little world.  One day very soon is just around the corner, so look out world, Laura is not too far behind :) xxx