Saturday, 25 May 2013

My dear blog.....I haven't forgotten you!

It's only been about a week and half since I last posted in my blog, but it feels like longer than that.  I have decided that this morning I will take the time to sit and have a little bit of blogging fun as I have missed it very much.  Life goes on at such a rapid pace and it is so important to slow down occasionally and take time to relax and unwind too.  I have checked my blog statistics and am constantly gathering new readers in many different parts of the world and this is wonderful.  I have been on the go and recovering as quick as I can from my operation and this morning it's just you and me, dear blog, I haven't forgotten you!

All is going pretty well in my little world.  My kids are growing and developing just so fast, sometimes I think way too fast.  My boys are not only growing older but getting so much more mature.  My daughter amazes me with her strength and determination to be heard and her language skills are improving so much.  My husband is the same as he ever was, he is one tough cookie.  He keeps on soldiering on, getting the job done and thankfully, I can say that we are all well.  I am over the worst part of the recovery from my operation and have been a bit busy lately with my business.  I have received great feedback from my clients on the quality of my work, so here's hoping that the work keeps coming!

It's really cold her in Melbourne already! It's not even officially Winter in Australia yet but it sure feels like it. The days have been reasonably mild I guess so far, as long as the sun shines to warm the place up during the day, I don't mind so much.  It's those dull, grey, wet days that really bother me when it's cold.  All of the trees have lost their leaves and the lawn is constantly wet and soggy, rather than lush and green.  My garden has that 'cold' look about it and now I'm preparing myself to get through the coldest part of the year and welcome Spring (when it finally gets here) with open arms.

With the arrival of Winter, this also means that my family are busy celebrating birthdays.  My oldest son was born in June, my daughter in July and my second son in August.  So we have a very busy few months ahead with lots of celebrations.  One other thing I like about Winter is that my wattle trees, which are a native Australian tree, flower in a mass of yellow blossoms.  The sight of these bright, yellow flowers all over 2 large trees in my front garden, against the grey, Winter sky, is truly a delight to see.  They always cheer me up.  I've also been busy cooking hot, hearty meals to warm us all up.  No more green salads and BBQs for a while now!

I have been enjoying spending time with my family and friends and really value these relationships.  Life is far too short to get bogged down in negativity and time passes by so quickly that I believe that it is vital that we find the time for each other.  I enjoy getting all cosy together in a warm home with the smell of something yummy roasting in the oven.  Makes you feel good.  This is very different from our usual gatherings we have outside in the back garden over summer, but at least the change of seasons gives you a bit of variety so you have to change what you do and where you do it.  I'm getting used to rugging up in 3 layers of clothing with a warm jumper and heavy shoes too.  Yep, Winter will be here in a few days and I'm as ready for it as I'll ever be!

Aah, yes.....I feel so much better for taking the time to have a bit of a blog.  Such fantastic relaxation time for me, can't tell you enough how good it is.  So remember what old sunnyday397 always says, make sure you live a little and love a lot. This has become a mantra of mine that works wonders for me.  Take care and look after yourself and your loved ones.  Thank you my dear blog for spending some time with me this morning.  The pleasure has been all mine :) xxx