Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The true meaning of 'multi-skilled'

I'm no different to any other mum that I know, other than the fact that I have my blog where I can write and write to my heart's content, let it all out and get enormous satisfaction and a great form of  'release' when doing so.  A lot of my friends are also mums, many also have 3 kids, some have less and a couple have more.  I have developed some great friendships with other mums by meeting them over the years through my own kids' activities.  Others I have known for much longer, way before any of us became parents and we have shared the whole experience together.  No matter how, when or why I have made these friendships with other women, we all share the same existence today and spend a lot of time laughing and crying about it.  I'm tired, it's late, I have a lot to do and probably should just go to bed, but I want and need to write this now in honour of all mothers who most definitely have the most challenging and demanding job out there.  They all know the true meaning of 'multi-skilled'!

I've written about this topic several times now from various angles, but will revisit it now and try very hard not to sound like a broken record and avoid as many cliches as I can.  I put up a post earlier tonight and had a bit of a whinge.  It wasn't a very 'bad' whinge, but just a bit of a 'venting session'.  In a nutshell, I was annoyed that I couldn't just relax with my husband because my 'motherly duties' got in the way.  That's OK, you'd think that after 10 years I'd be used to that, but every now and then, it all gets too much and I want to scream......but I can't because I'm too tired and just don't know how.  So, I take the time now to sit, while it is quiet and everyone is asleep and write about it.  That'll do it, that will fix me up, and in about an hour's time when I'm finished this blog, I will feel just so much better!

Like many other women out there, I have worked in the corporate world and learnt many 'skills'.  I'm tertiary educated and glad about that too.  But nothing and nobody prepared me for what was in store for me as a mother. Nobody told me about the sleep deprivation, nobody told me about the pain I would feel to see my child unwell, nobody told me about how demanding it would be to make sure that they are clean and nourished, nobody told me that my kids would probably be a lot like me and never stop talking, nobody told me that my kids would be complex creatures with many different moods and emotions that needed constant attention, nobody told me that they would always need positive influences and constant mental stimulation.........and that's not even touching the sides........but I'm sure you get the idea.  On top of all that, there's the physical work, the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry........and it goes on and on.

I am truly blessed, as are my friends, to have happy, healthy and bright kids who thrive at school.  Never for a second will I forget or dismiss this as being a 'standard' thing.  To give birth to normal, healthy babies has been, by far, the most rewarding, fulfilling, amazing and beautiful experience of my life.  After saying this, I also want to add that it's not just about having a baby, you are creating life that you must nurture and protect forever more.  You have given life and that life needs to be carefully cared for, shaped and guided.  You will never stop doing this, you can't, you have no alternative because you are a mother and you have the most important, complicated and demanding job ever created!

In our house, we have a bit on at the moment and I have been writing many lists to make sure that I get it all done and cross items off as I go.  I couldn't survive without my To Do lists, and being the writer that I am, always need to organise my thoughts and tasks on paper.  This help me to stay organised and on top of things.  So I have the luxury of being at home all day, I don't have to 'clock on and clock off', I don't have to perform to meet my KPIs, I don't have to answer to, 'What's the problem'?, you may ask.  Well, there's no 'problem' really, other than the fact that I just have to say that no amount of education or training can prepare you for your role as a mother.  You will never meet a more successful, high achiever than your mother.  You will never meet a person who has the ability to juggle 10 things at once and still have a smile on their face.  You will never meet a person who is on alert 24/7 like your mother.  Yes, I can comfortably say that in my mind, the true meaning of being 'multi-skilled' is being a mother.

A lot of mothers also have jobs outside the home because they may want to have their own thing and/or they may need the income.  It is important to acknowledge these women too who do the most amazing job.  I am looking at working for myself from home for both of the reasons I have just mentioned and hopefully, this will be happening very soon.  Whilst I am not a feminist and can also understand that motherhood is not for every woman, I can honestly say it has changed my life and has done so in such a way that it will never be the same again.  So much so, that I can't say enough how I value and respect this new 'job' that I have.  I will laugh about it. I will cry about it.  But I will never stop promoting motherhood as the most 'multi-skilled' work you could ever do :) xxx