Saturday, 20 April 2013

The multi media scam

Good morning to you from the desk of sunnyday397! For those of you who know me here in Oz, you would have to say that I am pretty much hooked on multi media. I spend a lot of time on line these days writing here in my blog and also posting snap shots of my life on Face book.  At first, I didn't want to admit it and wasn't really very proud of this fact.  It has taken me close to 12 months to accept the pros and cons of social media, namely Face book, after struggling with the way it appears to 'take over' and become such an everyday part of life for a lot of people who may care to admit it.  Writing about all sorts of topics and subjects in my blog and 'revealing' so much about myself and my life, was a shock at first, to both me and some others.  People have made jokes about my daily posts and others can't believe that I can be so honest in my blogs and 'give so much away'.  But now, I'm OK with it all, keeping a close eye on what I do or don't say.  That's the thing with mutli media in the 21 st Century, you can do or say almost anything you like, portray any image you like and basically have any kind of life that you like.  At the end of the day, multi media is a scam.

After going back to Face book just under 12 months ago after many years without it, to network and promote an on line shopping business that I had at the time, when I decided that the on line shopping wasn't working for me, I closed it down but not my Face book page.  I soon started to enjoy the interactions I was having with my friends, managed to find some old friends that I hadn't seen for close to 20 years, connected with family members that I didn't see much, enjoyed keeping up with what people in my life were doing and decided that it actually was fun after all.  Late last year, I started this blog and have also grown to thoroughly enjoy it.  This blossomed into joining Google+ and some of its communities, a little bit of Pinterst and Twitter.  After designing and setting up my own web site for my latest business venture, I had to admit that there is no turning back from multi media for me now.

With all of this involvement in what I call the virtual world, one thing has become very clear to me.  I read other people posts and blogs, look at the endless stream of photos and articles on just about anything and everything and have my fair share of posting too.  It amazes me how potentially artificial the whole thing can be.  When we share our lives, interests, thoughts, emotions and beliefs with the world, we portray an image of who we are, what we do and what we think.  Having this power gives up the opportunity to paint just about any picture we like, whether it be true and accurate or not.  We can, in effect, be anyone we want to be.  We can show and say as little, or as much, as we like.  Some say a lot, you might think some say too much and you know that others don't say anything at all........they just look and watch.  Having the ability to create your own image in this way is what I like to call the 'multi media scam'.

Do you say it like it is in your posts?  Have you ever posted a photo of yourself on line that you didn't like?  Do you tell the multi media world what you really think?  Do you believe everything you read and see on the Internet? Do you write in your posts what you really want to say?  Do you show the world who you really are?  Or do you carefully observe what is almost like an 'unspoken code' in multi media these days and paint a picture that you want everyone else to see, whether it is real or not?  This is what I struggle with.  Whilst I really enjoy the Internet's diverse multi media, I can't help but think sometimes, 'What a load of rubbish!', to put it politely.

Occasionally you'll come across an article or something that someone has written and feel good about reading it.  It might make you feel something or might teach you something that you didn't know.  You might enjoy seeing images of your friends or other favourite things.  You might be able to chat with people all over the world, keep up with the news and what's happening.  These are all great things about multi media and once you start getting into it, it becomes more and more difficult to let it go.  It's not all bad and it has its place in our world today and I'm very sure, is here to stay.  But what I wanted to point out was that at the same time, just because you see it or read about it on line doesn't make it real or necessarily the truth.

After saying all this, I understand that at the end of the day, we are all part of mankind and are only mere mortals.  This means that we each have our own deepest thoughts, darkest fears and private lives that we just don't want to share.  For our multi media 'friends', 'followers', 'acquaintences','contacts', 'associates' or whatever you would like to call them, it may just be none of their business and they probably don't want to know, or need to know, about it anyway.  So, we'll keep scrolling and browsing, reading and looking, writing and posting about the things that we want to and if you're like me, leave the really 'important' stuff for those who are closest to us over a cup of coffee or maybe something stronger.  We'll keep enjoying the wonders of muti media and being a part of it, but at the same time I ask you, beware of the 'multi media scam!' :) xxx