Thursday, 11 April 2013

The early bird catches the worm

Are you a 'morning person' like me?  Mum told me that even a s a child, I would always wake up early, bright eyed and bushy tailed, talk 'the leg off a chair' and be ready and eager to start the day.  Well even now as an adult, I have to say that not much has changed.  That's not to say that I don't love sleep, I do and always try to make sure I get plenty of it.  But quite often, I'm up with the birds and wait with anticipation for sunrise.  This morning was no different, I was up and about and planning my day.  I thought that this would make a good subject for a blog and took some photos of my morning that I will share with you here.  Getting up early and going to bed early is apparently a healthy way to live........I wouldn't have a clue, I can only confirm that the early bird catches the worm!

This is what it looks like down my street just as the sun is rising.  I have a very basic, unsophisticated camera so it really doesn't do this time of day much justice, but you'll get the idea.  It was also very grey and overcast here in Melbourne today which didn't really impress me much, so the sky is not very bright.  But this is my favourite time of the day when the air is fresh and crisp, the birds are singing and anything is possible because it is a new day.  It's also quiet but you can slowly hear the murmur of the world around you as everyone wakes up and heads off to work. You can start to hear the buzz of traffic in the background, slow and steady as the morning progresses and to see the sunrise always makes me feel alive.

Now when I say I am a 'morning person', that means only after a cup of strong coffee!  Must have coffee, especially in the morning, to get my mind moving and wake up my sleepy eyes.  I have quite a thing for coffee, as many of us do and I must insist on a coffee or two in the morning.  I love as espresso but for ease and convenience, I go straight for the instant coffee for a quick fix in the morning!  Mum and I spent many hours together in the mornings talking about everything and anything when I was living at home.  Now that I'm on my own with my family, it's just me, the coffee cup, the sunrise and the birds in the morning as my husband isn't really much of a coffee drinker.

I often like to walk in the early morning as I find it the best part of the day.  This morning I headed down to the local shops to get some bits and pieces and didn't feel alone at all!  This is the main road near my place just before 7am and you can see that many people also have my idea.  Unfortunately for them, they are heading off to work and are battling the start of the peak hour traffic which is a bit of a sore point for locals in my neighbourhood.  The area is booming and many more people are moving in and the roads can't cope with the peak traffic times, so this road really banks up very early in the day.  But you can see that I'm not really that different from many people who just have to get up and get going early in the morning.

On my travels I find a lonely cyclist who has got the right  idea!  Why get stuck in traffic when you can ride a bike?  I often see a lot of people riding their bikes in the morning and they are obviously as motivated and energetic as I am in the morning.  I'm sure they agree that this is the best time of the day.  When you're up and about and welcome in the new day, you can get so much more done.  Getting the kids to school or heading off to work isn't such a drag because you're already up and ready to get going.  The morning is my most productive time of the day where I can seem to achieve whatever I need to.  At night, I need sleep and can't get anything done.

Here is a shot of the same road from the opposite direction as I head this way to the shops.  You can see that many people are heading off to work and it must be a real drag having so much traffic to contend with.  As I walk down this road, as I have done for over 10 years now, I have seen so much development take place around me.  I once walked on this road when it didn't even have a foot path and I have enjoyed watching the progress around me.  There is nothing better than a bright, new day, starting it early and going for a walk.....this is one of my most enjoyable past times.  Thankfully, my husband is also an early bird and it's no surprise that all of my kids are too!  Hopefully this will give them at least one good habit that will help them in their adult life.

We live next to a golf course in Melbourne and here is a shot of one of its many lakes.  It is full of bird life with many ducks and even swans that like to breed here.  It is a beautiful sight to see a pair of swans with their 5 or 6 little, fluffy 'babies' swimming around.  If I had a dollar for every time I has walked past this spot, I'd be a happy lady!  Over the years, I have walked each of my children past here in the pram and we have always stopped to look at the birds.  They have all loved this and I have too.  You can see that the morning is so fresh and new and is definitely the best time of the day to walk past here.  This is on the way to the local shops and it's no wonder why I have developed a love for walking when I have this at my door step.

As I continue on my way, I can see the sun slowly trying to peek its head through the clouds.  Pity it was such a grey morning today as I have seen some spectacular sun rises from this spot in the warmer months of the year. We are lucky to be surrounded my lots of nature, including both plant and animal life and I have to say that walking here in the morning is so invigorating.

You may think I'm a little bit nuts raving on about the beauty of the morning.  I can assure you that it's not really that hard to get out of bed if you've had a good sleep and are just a little bit motivated.  The world around you is so fresh and new, the air is crisp and you can start your day with a smile.  For those of you who don't usually see the sunrise, you don't know what you're missing!  I'm not always up before sunrise, but when I am, I really enjoy it.

We live on the outer edge of what is classified as the 'inner suburbs', being about 20kms out from Melbourne city.  But to look at this view, you wouldn't know it.  I am nearly at the shops now and absolutely love this bit of the path.  David and I used to walk through here long before there was a concrete path and I remember how excited we were when it was put in.  That meant that it was so much easier to push the pram!  It's a lovely spot, but last summer we had a bit of a fright when we saw a snake here on our travels.  With all of the wetlands and natural surroundings, it is also the home for lizards and snakes but fortunately I can say that in all the time that we have walked through here, we have only ever seen one!

After doing my shopping, I walked back home along the same road but this time on the other side for different view.  It's about 7.30am now and you can see that the morning is almost completely here.  By this time, my kids and I are starting to get hungry as we haven't had breakfast yet and walking in the cool morning air really does give you an appetite.  We are all wide awake and bursting with energy and enthusiasm for the new day.  All being early birds, we walk and talk and look in wonder at the morning sky and think about the day ahead.  As it's school holidays, we have all been able to enjoy a walk like this as we have no worries about running out of time and can just enjoy it.

I don't always have breakfast as I usually get hungry at about 10am.  Coffee is pretty much all I need on most days but I always make a point of giving my kids breakfast nice and early because they usually wake up with big appetites!  As they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they always enjoy something yummy!  Today it was lime marmalade on toast for Julia, WeetBix for Adam and baked beans on toast for Marc.

Today, after my walk, I was hungry and this is one of my favourite meals in the morning.  Poached eggs with spinach on multi grain bread.....yum!  I was motivated to make this for myself today and felt much better having something to soak up all the coffee.  This is one thing about being a early bird, once the day has started you really have an appetite and when I can be bothered, enjoy a cooked breakfast.

Now we can't forget Jasper the cat.  Here is my feline friend that is 13 years old and as playful and as fit as a kitten.  Mind you, he certainly makes his presence felt when he's most cats do!  Jasper had to have breakfast too and then he was happy when I fed him and stopped pestering me.  Another thing about waking up early before everyone else is that Jasper is always out the front waiting for me and ready to say good morning.  He is such a special part of the family too.

Whilst I don't always get up at the same time everyday, I am usually always pretty early.  When I do get the chance to see the sun rise and watch the world wake up around me, it makes me happy.  One thing's for sure, being an early bird means that my mind starts ticking pretty much from the time I get up and I like to get busy and get things done.  The morning is the best part of the day for me and I'm always grateful for a new day.  I live in a special part of the world that has so much nature within it and there is so much to see and do.  Starting the day early is one good way to get stuck into life and not let it slip you by.  By being an early bird, you take full advantage of the day and can get it all can catch the worm!  :) xxx