Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sorting socks on Sunday

Another great weekend is over and we are heading towards the 'working week'.  As usual, I was busy getting the set chores done today, ready for the family to get back into action.  Today is Sunday and this is a good day to go slow........if you're lucky!  I was out of luck today as I had a bit to catch up on.  This made me think about how many activities and tasks are very routine, how many rituals our family has and it hadn't really hit me until today.  I guess with young kids you can't have it any other way, you need to have structure and order to manage, and today this made me giggle as I was doing something that I always do, I was sorting socks on Sunday!

My husband and I are 'home bodies' and spend a lot of time together, just at home.  While we do enjoy having nights out alone (which are few and far between these days), enjoy taking the kids out on day trips and also enjoy entertaining and having friends and family at our place, we're mainly what we like to call 'very boring' and we like it this way.  We are happy to follow the routine and this gets us through the good times and bad.  My husband, in particular, lives his life with many routines or rituals and he doesn't like it one little bit if this is disturbed at all.  Yes, he's very set in his ways and will complain for hours if his routine is disturbed.  Me, on the other hand, I'm a lot more flexible and adaptable but have to admit that I operate best with structure and feel a bit 'out of whack' when my usual 'patterns' are altered.

Have you ever stopped to think how many things you do, each and every week, on the same day of the week, over and over again?  I was thinking about this today as I was sorting the socks and was a little bit amazed by this, we are such creatures of habit. A lot of our family's rituals involve food, funny enough, we have certain meals on certain days, but there are also many chores, tasks, activities, whatever you like to call them, that follow a set pattern too. For example, Saturday night, when we're not having a get together with friends or family, is roast chicken night.  Sunday morning wouldn't be complete without bacon and eggs for breakfast (if I dared change this one I'd be in trouble LOL).  Monday night is pasta night and if we have Mexican food for dinner, this is always on a Friday night. These are the main ones and I usually just throw together whatever I can on other days.

We are taught as children, from a young age, about structure and routine when we go to school.........yes, as soon as we're old enough, we go to school everyday and learn pretty quickly that we have to be at certain places, by a certain time and often do the same activities on certain days, each and every week.  My boys understand that bedtime has to be at the same time, especially during the week because they have to be awake at school!  They have sport, library, art and language studies on a certain day of the week, and this never changes.  Their other activities always fall on the same day of the week so it's no wonder that we are all 'programmed' from day dot to follow a routine.  I guess that's why school holidays are so much fun because then we all get a break and the day and time doesn't matter for a little while.

I am a total creature of habit too.  I can't wake up in the mornings without a cup of coffee and when I run out of coffee I get really grumpy LOL! I do my grocery shopping on the same day of the week, and of course, have to make sure that all of the socks are in order on a Sunday because I just hate having to try to find matching pairs when I'm in a mad rush in the morning to get the boys to school!  Friday night I usually enjoy a couple of drinks with my husband as we breath a sigh of relief that another week is over.  If I entertain at home, this is usually on a Saturday night.  I like to write my blog every day to have that special relaxation time to myself (although I've been a bit slack lately).  I like to reserve Sundays for the family and always enjoy lunch at my mum's place on Sunday, just like we used to do with my nanna.  I have to clean up the kitchen everyday and get the dishes done......otherwise, with five hungry tummies in the house, this room looks like a bomb's hit it, the piles of plates just gets higher and higher to the point where it's all out of hand.  

This must all sound a bit strange and very mundane to some but I'm sure that many of you can also relate to what I am saying.  Don't get me wrong, we're not robots and of course, things can always change at the last minute and you have to be flexible enough to 'go with the flow' and adapt.  But one thing's for certain, there are so many routines that we have and if you think about it for a minute, I bet it makes you giggle, like I did. Either that, or you'll decide that you just have to go crazy and do something completely out of the ordinary today in protest!

So, as I finish my blog for another day, I feel so much better now!  The family has all of it's clothes ready for another week and the dishes are done.  Now I can wake up in the morning, have my coffee of course, and start another week in the usual way.  School will start at the same time it always does,  there'll be WeetBix for breakfast and my husband will be home at the same time after work that he always is.  Aah yes, just another week for me and my mob and I'm pleased that we had bacon and eggs for breakfast today........and that I've got the socks sorted because today's Sunday! :) xxx