Saturday, 19 January 2013

Just love those magic words, 'It's bedtime!'

As you know, this household contains 3 bright, active kids and after always dreaming of the family I'd have one day when I was younger, I am thrilled to bits about this and definitely wouldn't have it any other way.  Tonight I was really looking forward to my relaxation time when I could sit and write.  However, before I could do this, I had to deal with 2 growing boys who eat like horses and a little girl who wants everything her own way.  After I picked up the half eaten sandwich off the floor, peeled all the noodles off the back of the chair, did a quick run around the house and put the 18th load of washing on for the week, stacked the dishes and cleared the bench, changed my Princess into her pyjamas and dragged my boys away from the TV, I was very pleased, as I am almost everyday, to then exclaim those magic words, 'It's bedtime!'

Don't know about you, but when I get to that time of the day when I can utter those magic words, I breathe a big sigh of relief.  Another day over, another stack of dishes to do and another mess to clean up, I can then start to unwind when the kids go to bed.  I've been pretty lucky to have had 3 good sleepers and have never had much of a problem getting them into bed and asleep- for that I am very grateful!  It's that special time of the day when everything starts to get very quiet and I can then begin to get my sanity back together, sit down and have a coffee, plan the rest of my week and most importantly, lose myself in my blog.  I can then get the house back in order just so that it can turn into a complete disaster zone again the next day.  Yes, the wonders of what I like to describe as 'domestic bliss' LOL.

Thank goodness for bedtime.  I like to get the kids into bed at a reasonable hour and get them into good habits.  They've always been early birds like their mum and that's OK, works well with me.  If it wasn't for bedtime, I wouldn't be able to have that 'grown up' time when I can have some time for myself.  It's a time when I focus on getting organised, well, most of the time.  That's if I'm not in the usual spot getting myself intoxicated with old Dave, or more to the point, if I haven't actually flaked out myself!  Regardless of how my night ends up, it is such a relief so see those beautiful children sleeping like little angels, so sweet and young and most importantly, so quiet for once in the day!

Things get pretty busy with young kids.  There's that never ending conversation that just goes on, and on, all day.  There's the tantrums and the tears, the arguments and the battles, the never ending need for attention that they demand, the hungry little bellies that are like bottomless pits and the responsibility of caring and knowing that they are behaving themselves, haven't broken any bones and haven't burnt the house down yet. It's full on all day, everyday, and I often smile when I look back to BC (before children) and think of how naive I was and how little I knew about the constant demands of parenthood.  Back then I thought that you didn't work in life unless you had a 9 to 5 job and actually got paid every wrong I was!

After we utter those magic words, 'It's bedtime!', that's the green light for all of us mums (and dads) out there to take some time for us.  The funny thing is that it usually also signals the time of the day when you realise just how much you haven't done during the day and need to catch up on or you really can't resist but to go to bed yourself because you are so exhausted.  But  no matter what, the choice now becomes yours and that's the best bit.  For me, over the last couple of months, I have started to look forward to 'bedtime' because it becomes quiet and I can think and write.  This is my way of relaxing and sorting my thoughts.  Yes, 'bedtime' is bliss for me.

As you read this blog, whether you have young kids, grown up kids or have just experienced a household full of kids, I hope that this has made you smile.  I'm sure that you will join me in thanking goodness for 'bedtime' and know and appreciate that special time of the day.  It's all so quiet around here now, now blaring TV, no screaming and yelling, the constant chit chat is over (for a few hours at least!) and I'm pleased that I've had my 'blog fix' for the day.  Now I can get the usual chores around here done, oh, and actually get some sleep myself!  Just love those magic words, 'It's bedtime!' :) xxx