Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Comfort zone

'What's goin' on?', I asked myself.......haven't written a blog in 2 days and I begin to wonder if I am suffering from writer's block LOL.  So I look around for inspiration and I realise that I am surrounded by inspiration........it is my home, my family, my garden, my world........it is my comfort zone!

I went for a little wander around my world not so long ago, and this is what I found.  There was a little blonde haired, blue eyed girl, on her favourite couch with her special blanket called Ny Ny, surrounded by lego.  Of course, I am talking about our daughter, Julia.  With a lovely smile and a big, 'Hello mum!' she reminded me of happy thoughts and joy the day we found out we were having a girl.  We also fondly call her Chubba Chub because she is oh so cuddly (that's when she's not screaming the house down!)

I went into my front garden and was drawn to my patch of colour where the flowers grow.  This is where I take time to stop and smell the roses.......makes sure I do that at least once a day.  There is much pleasure to be found in this simple past time and helps you to appreciate the real things in life that can make you happy.

From my dining area I look out through the glass door and see the sculpture that David and I bought many moons ago. It is very plain yet makes a statement and has always reminded me of a parent holding a child.  This will be around in my comfort zone for a long time to come and is easy on the eye.  It is elegant yet simple and I would miss it if it wasn't there.

Just inside this glass door I find Master Marc.......on the Internet....what else!  I soon kicked him off and told him to go outside and get some fresh air, and he did.  Marc is slowly gaining his own independence and isn't so reliant on his big brother, but I think this is going to take time!

I wander out into the front garden again and I find Jasper the cat.  He has been with us for 13 years too.  We adopted him from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital when he was only a couple of weeks old.  He is just your average, garden variety domestic short haired cat, but he so much a part of my comfort zone that if he's not in the usual place, I look for him and call him until I can see him!  He is a bit if a rat bag, our Jasper, very stubborn and set in his ways. He loves a good cuddle and what would a comfort zone be without a cat?

As I walk down my font path I find a ceramic piece that I made in Year 7.  It was my interpretation of a 'tribal mask'.  Always thought that this looked really ugly but I kind of liked it just because it was so ugly.  It has moved around with me for the last 30 years and it's still in one piece and lives in the front garden.

In my front garden lives this tree. It produces the most amazing flowers and seed pods.  It is an Australian native and attracts a lot of birds who come and eat the nectar in the flowers.  My comfort zone is complete with lots of birds coming to visit, of all shapes, colours and sizes.

I walk out to my back garden and see my massive flax plant that is as high as the roof.  For some reason, it is really happy there and now produces flowers.  I can see this past my candelabra that was given to me years ago and I've left it there in the sun to watch the candles melt in the summer sun.  I love candle light (as most girls do!) and my comfort zone is set at night when I light some candles and enjoy their subtle glow.

There there is my handsome Adam, on his scooter, practising his tricks!  He has trouble sitting still, this one, always on the go, full of beans!  He is such a kind and generous boy with magic eyes.  He is long and lean and a keen sportsman, always getting the hang of any sport he tries.  Nearly 10 years ago, Adam came into this world and from the moment I held him in my arms, I knew he would always give me comfort.

This is my 14 year old stag horn that is very small for it's age........that's because it has died and been reborn about 4 times in it's life LOL.  David and I bought it from a guy in our neighbourhood, not long after we moved in and I neglected it for years until mum told my to put it under a tree.  I did this and fed it banana peels and now it is very happy.  This little bit of nature has been with me for a while and is a comfort.

I wouldn't be a good Italian girl if I didn't have basil, oregano and parsley growing wild! LOL  Here is my little herb patch that started from 2 tiny plants and a couple of seeds.  It is all thriving here and I love being able to go out and pick whatever I need, fresh from the garden, especially when I'm making a good, southern Italian pasta sauce!

Talk about comfort zone!  This is hubby, in his man cave, reclined on the couch, remote control in hand, staring at the box!  This is how David likes to relax and he certainly does a lot of relaxing at home LOL  Me, I've got no time for TV, can't stand it and very rarely, if ever, sit down to watch a show.  I'm too busy running around like a crazy woman getting other things done.  When I'm relaxing, it's usually with a coffee, sitting on the porch of knowledge and watching my garden grow.  David is part of the furniture now and a very important part of my comfort zone.

And finally, I am very pleased that Nanna's rose is happy and growing well.  It is taking off in all directions and gives me comfort to know that when I care and nurture this rose bush, it will always remind me of my beautiful Nanna who has been such a powerful influence in my life.

These are just some of the things in my little world, in my little bubble, in my comfort zone.  I've always been a bit of a home body and really appreciate the beauty in my life.  I may not be rolling in cash, I may not drive a flash car, I may not be a size 10, I may have a few bad habits and I am far from perfect...........but I can say that real comfort is something you can't buy and CAN find amongst all of your imperfections..........it is that special zone to call your own!