Friday, 21 December 2012

Short and sweet to end the week :)

It's Friday night and I am sitting here at my desk, in my own little world with my family around me.  I have a lot of work to do- piles and piles of dishes, the bedrooms look like a bomb has gone off in them, 3 baskets of washing to sort out, the bathrooms really need a good going over, the floors are looking pretty shabby.......but I am happy.  I'm happy because today marked the end of the school year for my boys and this is a relief.  So what if it takes me just that bit longer to get things done- that's okay, I've got time.

I have struggled over the last couple of weeks to get the boys to and from school.  This is usually no problem for me- I go to bed early, get up early, the kids know the routine and off we go.  But lately we've all been tired- it's been a long year and we all need a break.  David has just started his summer holidays too and we have all taken a big sigh of relief.  We've all enjoyed a good meal together tonight and now I'm trying to find the energy to do some of this work that needs doing......then I thought I'd do my blog instead (that's much more fun!)

I'm all ready for Christmas and looking forward to the day.  For some reason I have been thinking about my mum a lot over the last couple of weeks and think she'll be the subject of my next blog.  She took the kids to get their Santa photo today and I love it.  Makes me realise how much I care about my mum, my kids and my husband. Right now I'm just glad that time is not so important because none of us need to be anywhere at a certain time for a little while and we can all just go with the flow.

Now that the kids are on holidays, I don't have to pack lunches everyday.  I don't have to make sure they have a clean uniform on everyday.  We can read for fun now instead of worrying about getting the home work done.  No more mad rush in the morning to get out the door and to school before the bell rings.  No more watching the clock in the afternoon and getting down to school to pick them up and fighting through the many kids that are in such a hurry to get home.  No more sorting through 50 navy blue socks and trying to make pairs!  No more washing school shirts and trying to get them white again! Yes, I can go slow, take my time and enjoy the summer holidays.

So, I'd better go and make myself useful and do something around here- can't drop the ball for too long or else everything gets way out of hand.  As always, hope all is well with you and yours and may you always remember what's really important in your life, smile and be happy :)