Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Little slices of heaven

You've often heard me moaning and groaning that this 'motherhood thing' is so much work.  I complain and carry on that I have no freedom, never get all of my work done and the much noise.  I get sick of the constant 'battle', resolving the arguments, constantly picking up after everyone and the never ending load of washing that just doesn't seem to go away.  You've also heard me refer to them as Number 1 (my first born son), Number 2 (my little 'meat in the sandwich') and my Number 3 (the beautiful baby girl I didn't think that I would have).  They are all very much individuals, each with their own distinct personalities and traits, but all very happy, healthy, thriving kids.  Yes, I'm your standard mum, living in the brick veneer house in the suburbs, married, 3 screaming kids........and I have to admit.......loving it.  I love it because I have 3 little slices of heaven!

After I met my husband and we got married, there was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted children.  David wasn't too fussed either way at the time, but for me, the choice was clear.  Thank God I had no trouble getting pregnant and along came Number 1, Adam, our first born son.  I'll never forget how totally excited I was when I found out that I was pregnant for the first time.  I remember doing the pregnancy test early one morning and racing in to tell David who was in the bathroom brushing his teeth.  His reaction was mild, think he went into shock (LOL) and dropped whatever was in his hand at the time into the hand basin and chipped a bit of the enamel off- it left a mark on the basin that is still there today and it always reminds me of this moment.  We were going to be parents and I wanted to tell the I did!  I called a couple of my close friends that morning at some very early hour and woke them all up because I couldn't contain myself.

Adam is the 'SNAG' of the family- the sensitive, new age guy.  He has a hot temper but is so very kind, considerate and caring.  He just adores his sister and she can do no wrong in his eyes.  He gets a bit frustrated with his little brother who watches his every move and sometimes needs his own space (don't we all?).  Adam is very fit and a keen sportsman.  He picks up any sport that he tries, very coordinated, competitive and active.  He is good at school but his teachers keep telling me how much better he good do if he only applied himself a little bit more.......he'll get there eventually.  

Adam loves his scooter, always out riding it and practising a new trick.  He is very creative too and often brings home wild and wonderful pieces that he has done in Art at school.  He is very helpful and and extremely generous and makes the perfect big brother.  He is also extremely sensitive and this he gets from me, I'm afraid.  As he gets older he is learning how to cope with this a lot more.  He has the most beautiful blue eyes and I'm sure plenty of young ladies will fall for them in the years to come.  Yes, this is my Number 1, my first taste of motherhood and Adam is truly precious.

3 years later I was lucky enough to get pregnant again.  This time we were having another boy and David was bit more relaxed this time.  I am talking about my Number 2, Master Marc, as I like to call him.  Marc has more front than Myers (as we like to say here in Australia- Myers is a large department store).  He is very extroverted and a real laugh.  He is known for his happy smile and cheeky grin that always seems to be on his face.    He has a lot of personality, a real character and always brings a smile to my face too.  

Marc struggles with being the middle child, but I am happy to say that his 'middle child syndrome' is not too out of hand.  His confidence and spunk help him cope with this.  He absolutely idolises his big brother and this is beautiful to watch.  Sometimes Adam will take advantage of this (as all big brothers do) but generally Marc just wants to be like Adam, do everything his big brother does.  As Marc gets older, he is slowly starting to develop his own personality and I'm sure they will be very close as adults.  Marc is the cheeky one, the one that will keep me up all night waiting for him to get home when he is old enough to go out at night!  I've often thought this- Marc is truly a beautiful soul and I love him to bits.

My magic number was 3.  For years I battled with the questions, 'Will I?, 'Won't I?  As much as I tried, I just couldn't let go of the notion that I just had to have 3 kids.  It took me another 4 years and then it happened. Just when I was about to give up, there she was, 2 little blue lines on the test, I was finally going to get my Number 3. I have always wanted 3 children for as long as I can remember, always convinced that I'd have 3 boys.......and then we found out that we were having a girl!  Can you believe it? After 2 boys we were finally getting a girl- the day I found out I must have been smiling all day because I remember that night when I went to bed my cheeks were sore! LOL  I am talking about Julia, who we fondly refer to as our Princess. 

Julia is extremely assertive and very confident.  I guess she has to be with 2 big brothers!  She has an iron will and will not give up.  She completes our family in so many ways.  Julia is gutsy, loves to dance and sing and is so very feminine.  Mum always said 'I hope you have a girl because girls are so different to boys', and she sure was right.  Julia is also a bit of an actress, putting on the bad mood and the sulking face if she does not get what she wants (typical female LOL).  You always know when Julia is coming- you can hear her a mile away!  She is very affectionate and loves her dad- for me this is beautiful to watch as I grew up without my father.  She was certainly a gift from God and I cannot think of her in any other way.

Yes, for me I have been fortunate enough to create 3 little people who are the apples of my eye.  Yes, they are a lot of work but it is really a labour of love, as the old cliche goes.  I often feel very privileged to  have been able to have 3 healthy babies when I look around me and see so many women who have struggled to have just one.  

Motherhood is truly a wonderful experience and has made my life complete.  I try not to lose sight of my own needs and that I must look after myself too and not just worry about everyone else all of the time........I'm slowly getting better at that (takes practise).  Lately, I have been saying a lot about being 'blessed' and I can explain it in no other way.  Family to me means too much and I work hard to keep everything rolling around here.  It has given me a sense of fulfillment that I have not found in any other way.  Yes,  I love and hold dear to me my little slices of heaven!